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my name is lynsay.
i say interesting things sometimes, ✿

pieces of my journal i felt like recording. stay tuned for more, maybe lol

im eating jalapeño kettle cooked chips and they are really delicious. i just came home from a bar with my coworkers and its a big deal because im new to this city and it is difficult for me to make friends. i hope you are doing very well and you should think about the smell that comes after it rains because its beautiful. good night

i wanted to publish this on my blog because that last line was like poetry and my heart fluttered. it’s hard being new but i’m glad you’re going out with your coworkers. you shouldn’t distance yourself from people. sweet dreams, friend :) 

(yo jalapeno kettle chips are banging, good choice) 


she did a lot of acid//neutral milk hotel

she had a mental problem
she couldn’t concentrate
she was her own delusion
she was her own mistake
she did a lot of acid
to put the voices down
and one day at her birthday
they found her hanging upside down

they say she lived her life on the avenue
they say she cried from the weight of her spit
they claim they were the only ones that she ever knew
ah, but why are they weeping now?
when she was alive they were not around
they were locked in their own abyss

(via bearly-human)

quick if ur awake rn u should message me something cool or something extreme please i really need someone to talk to :((((