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Eye-to-eye with a member of the Roman cavalry. This mask, a part of a larger helmet, may represent Aphrodite, Artemis or even Apollo. This elaborate mask would have been used ceremonially.

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Eye-to-eye connects the peoples of yesterday to you through art.

Mask from a Cavalry Helmet, A.D. 75 - 125, Unknown. Roman. J. Paul Getty Museum.

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Francesca Woodman: Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976

Woodman perches naked on a chair, appearing defensive and vulnerable. This is one of the few self-portraits where we see the artist’s full face. The vague black body imprinted on the floor seems to walk through the ground, as if descending into a nether world, while the desolate setting creates a chilling atmosphere. This is one of a series of photographs displaying the influence of Surrealism in the way it explores the supernatural. 

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